sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2015

Things that...

... make me HAPPY!

Hot Chocolate!
 Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
 To see through the eyes of a child!
 To write!
 Dance and Music!
 The beach!
 To travel!
Family and Friends!

quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2015

My opinion...

"Je suis Charlie" is all around in the media. But for many reasons I believe that's nothing. Today and yesterday the world woke up a little bit more to what is happening in the world. Not just in Paris.
Their anger is as big as the importance that France has in world economy and politics. But every day there has been deaths in many points in the globe, but it wasn't Paris. And there will always be Paris, right?
I, as a former journalist or still one - as I believe we are always a journalist in our way of thinking - strongly fight for our freedom, being it to our speaking, thoughts or actions. We should be able to live the way we choose and that means having freedom to say whatever goes through our minds and we believe. But, at the same time, we should be aware of the person next to us - we are not alone - and, to have our freedom, we also need to have respect for all that is surrounding us  - and that doesn't happen most of the times.
NO, I do not believe someone should be killed because of what they wrote, said or think. But I also know that this only has this huge importance because it was in Paris, like years ago it was in the USA or in London or in Madrid, and in the meantime there are lots of other people in non developed countries being killed everyday for the same reasons and no one seems to be aware of it or even to speak about it - it's so far away, right? It seems almost like it's in another world... But it isn't!
And probably next week all these events in Paris will be forgotten by most of us until next year comes and everyone will remember its anniversary.
That's how our world is going. That's how people are choosing to live. Having wake up calls only when someone near them or similar to them are killed or attacked. Because nowadays, as always, there are still lives that are more important than others, even when they are all dying for the same causes. 

sábado, 3 de janeiro de 2015

In my head...

It's incredible how we get along with the new things, how we just go to a point where we can't live without them. And that's me and the Internet. Who would think a few (lot!) years ago that I (and millions around there) would be so completely addicted to it. Usually I don't see myself as an addict to anything or almost - chocolate has a strong power over me! - but still last week I was without internet at my place, only on the phone, but it was limited.
Everything went well until I finished work and go home. It wasn't the same with the mobile and how about my series?! I like to watch one or two before going to sleep and couldn't. My humour was down.
But then I remember I had some movies in my laptop that I never watches it and so that was a bit of an escape from being out of the virtual world. And you know what? I found this movie - Rock of Ages -  that I didn't think it would be a big deal and was surprised to see it not only was good but the songs in it were great - a big reminder of my childhood and the music I used to listen at home.
And since then the songs keep coming to my mind over and over again...