quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014

I love my hat...


Company: A New passion...

When I was still in Portugal occasionaly I used to buy the Glamour magazine and since I came to London I started to buy it every month because it's much cheaper here and it took me the all month to finish it. But the other day I bought a new magazine and I fall in love. I really like it. It has a interesting interviews/ opinions to read and the fashion ideas, tips, seems much more diferent and interesting. So, if you can, just try it and tell me what you feel.


terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2014

August is here...

... 5 days ago, already! I know... but again, my Life has been just working and going around and in the meantime I study and do some exercise and I sleep - quit important these days!
So how has been the Life in London, you ask. Great, I answer. I discover a bit of myself and a bit of the others everyday and I feel amused. For example, I found out that in London (or in England - can't really tell since I've only been here!) we have to be actors and emphasized every single word we say or the English people think we are not happy - SERIOUSLY!!!
Then I also came to the conclusion that I hate people, I really, really hate people. But don't take this in the wrong way. I also think people are such an interesting specie. And I love to know their stories, feelings and thoughts. All at the same time. And everyday I see how great Life can be if we just stop caring about minimum things.
Now, the pictures from the past few weeks:

In the streets of London

Yes, I have all the gentleman in the toilet @ JustEnoughUK

25th Birthday Magnum @ Regent Street

 We are the Champions - our store in all the 10 zones!

Just before the Holidays...

And finally - Portugal here I go!!!