quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2014

London means flirt...ing?...

It was not the first that I heard about it and I have that experience almost everyday.
Until now, what can I say?
It's not that bad when it's a cute guy that you actually find him very interesting (his body/face, at least). But, things are a bit different when the man flirting with you it's not your type or that funny or even when he is - but he KNOWS IT!!! That may be the worst because then he's acting like the arrogant type of men that no woman likes.
Anyway, all this talk just to say that it's true, I'm not sure if it's really across the entire UK but at least in London people like to flirt and no, my friends, it's not them just being nice or polite to you, they - the men - smile a lot looking eye to eye, they call you beautiful girl, blink their eyes, touch your hand on purpose and all the kind of things that you can expect - they even ask you if you are married or have a boyfriend!!
Sometimes you just have to take it in a funny way, other times you really have to be very professional and almost unfriendly so they understand that they have gone too far.

sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2014

Have you seen the news?!...

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